Tax Services

Our globally coordinated tax professionals provide connected services across all tax disciplines to assist you thrive in an era of rapid change. We combine our exceptional knowledge and experience with the people and technology platforms that make us an ideal partner for your tax-related needs.

Metropol Consulting has competencies in business tax, international tax, transaction tax and tax-related issues associated with people, compliance and reporting and law. We invite you to leverage our experience, knowledge and business insights to help you succeed.

1. Tax Planning

Tax planning and consulting requires a good experties in of international tax treaties, especially the Double Tax Agreements (DTA). Our staff is specialized in connected tax matters. Thus, we can supply our clients with tax structures that support their proposed transactions, thus allowing companies to minimize their tax exposure. We offer a scope of taxation and business support services in the following areas:


– Taxation services

– Tax planning and consulting

– Cross border transactions

– Tax compliance

– Structured Tax

– Tax due diligence

– Business support services

2. Taxation Services

We can assist clients in mitigating their tax risks thanks to our local and specialized knowledge. Through careful planning in the establishment process, our customers can ensure that transactional risks are identified and reduced, and that their operations are in compliance with international and local tax regulations. For multinational companies, these transactions are referred to as cross-border transactions and include areas such as:


– Withholding tax

– Corporation tax

– Advance Corporation Tax

– Special Communication Tax

– Special consumption tax

– Value added tax

– Stamp duty

– Personal income tax

– Transfer pricing

– Advanced Pricing Arrangement (APA)

– Double Taxation Agreements

3. Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing refers to inter-company pricing arrangements, with regards to transactions between related parties. These can include transfers of intellectual property, tangible goods, services, and loans or other financial transactions. The use of transfer pricing tax strategies has recently attracted a high level of international attention, due to the rapid rise of multinational trade, and the opening of several significant developing economies. As a result, transfer pricing has had an increased impact on corporate income taxation. As multinational corporations evolve into true global enterprises, compliance with the differing requirements of multiple overlapping tax jurisdictions has become a complicated and potentially expensive task to perform. In response to these factors, tax authorities around the world have become more aggressive in the transfer pricing arena, introducing stricter penalties, new documentation requirements, increased information exchange, improved audit staff training and increased audit and inspection activity and specialization. This intense scrutiny implies significant risks for the unprepared companies, particularly in a complex field such as transfer pricing where each transaction must be analyzed under its own unique facts and circumstances.

4. VAT Refund

As Metropol Consulting, as in all service lines that we handle, also in VAT Refund Certification Service line our experts have deep information and extensive experience.

VAT Refund Certification Services

Basically VAT refund services about of; in case the input VAT amount which is calculated on purchase invoices and similar documents and is paid by tax payers, who have transactions subject to exemption, is more than output VAT amount which is calculated on the transactions subject to VAT, refunding the VAT, which is paid for the transactions subject to exemption, in cash or by offsetting mechanism according to the principles determined by Ministry of Finance.

VAT refund certification services which are to be carried out in accordance with Law No. 3568, in general comprise the following;

· Checking the correctness of the refundable VAT amount based on the legal records and relevant regulation.

· Preparations of the VAT refund certification report to be submitted to the relevant tax office.

· Spesification of legal framework of the VAT refund regarding the sales transactions,

· When necessary, pointing references regarding related tax regulations at the VAT refund stage,

· Performing cross study for the supplier firms of the relevant company,

· Preparation of VAT refund certification report,

· Making necessary correspondence with the tax office regarding VAT Refund Tax Certification Report,

· Checking the accuracy of VAT correction returns while refunding incurred VAT.

VAT Refund Consulting Services

· View of the transactions that give VAT refund right and optimization of VAT refund situation,

· Consulting on VAT refund regulation.

Documentation/ Preparation Services

· Preparation of the lists and other documenting which are necessary for VAT refund Tax Office application based on the regulation,

· Review of the work documents and calculations to be made with regard to refundable VAT,

· Uploading necessary lists via Internet Tax Office,

· Managing all the relations with The Tax Authority.

· Visiting the Tax Office with Client and discuss with the authorities, to provide finalization of the VAT refund files.

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