Residence Permit

A residence permit is required if the foreigner will be staying in Turkey for more than 90 days in a 180 days period. Though the work permit gives the right to work and reside in Turkey, foreigners who apply for a work permit from Turkey must have a valid residence permit, and residence permit itself does not substitute for work permit.

Types of residence permits are (i) short-term residence permit, (ii) long-term residence permit, (iii) family residence permit, (iv) student residence permit, (v) humanity residence permit and (vi) residence permit issued to persons sufered from human traicking. All residence permits are provided for foreigners complying with certain criteria such as owning an immovable property in Turkey, studying in Turkey, having business relations in Turkey or being a family member of one of these persons etc. Applications for residence permits are made either to the consulates of the country of nationality or residence of the foreigner or to the governorates in Turkey.

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